About Us

For over 20 years, Stardust Concrete Coatings, Inc. has been applying decorative coatings to interior and exterior surfaces.​ Doing our part to eliminate homeowners from removing there existing concrete and resurfacing it with quality and long lasting acrylic overlay systems. We use quality products and provide superior customer service to all our commercial and residential clients. Each and every job we complete is warranted and owner inspected from start to finish. We continue to pride ourselves with the knowledge needed to apply the most up-to-date resurfacing products from the leading manufacturers in the industry.
Stardust is one of the only Long Island companies that is certified to install most of the top brands of decorative cement coatings, epoxies and waterproofing systems. We are not only a leader in the industry as far as how we install but also what we install. It is our goal to give our customers the best products for there situation and needs.






License # 

Suffolk- 30036

Nassau- H230361