Acrylic Spray Coating: 

This product is our signature cost effective decorative system.  Most of our customers want to spruce up their concrete without ripping out the existing concrete and destroying their yards.  This product is not a paint or a do it yourself coating. It has the ability to withstand our colder climate and is also slip resistant, pool chemical resistant, oil resistant and easy to maintain.  Paper stencils can be used to create the look of stone patterns and over thirty colors are available. Great for resurfacing mismatched concrete, flaking concrete, exposed rock or pitted cement. These finishes consist of a time tested, bonds with the concrete surface. When properly applied, these finishes are permanent and will provide years of beauty and anti-slip protection. In addition to being extremely durable (stronger than conventional concrete), these finishes are weather proof, resistant to damaging UV rays, pool chemicals, and staining, and can be used indoors or outdoors in the harshest of climates-below freezing or desert heat.

Depending on the look and design you chose, these finishes range in thickness from 1/16" to 1/4" thick and we can create virually any design idea you can dream up. From stone to brick options are limitness.


Benefits Of Our Pool Deck Finishes:


  • Not an inferior acrylic modified cement like other similar finishes

  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns and color options, limited only by your imagination

  • Complete project customization

  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas

  • Very low maintenance compared to other finishes

  • Will not stain like tile grout

  • Quick installation time

  • VOC free options-being "Green" is important to you and important to us

  • Can be installed pre or post construction

  • For new or existing pool decks