Trowled Rubber Surfaces


This innovative flexible rubber surfaces that can cover a wide range of existing or new surfaces. Anywhere you are looking for a flexible, soft, skid resistant surface.  This is the perfect alternative to concrete replacement, allowing for resurfacing damaged or uneven, cracked concrete. Because it is accommodating to temperature change and ground movement, it is ideal for many indoor or outdoor residential or commercial applications. The color options provide you with endless design options that allow individual creativity and personal preference.


What is a flexible rubber surface?


It is a Pour-In-Place application, comprised of rubber granules mixed with a special formulated polyurethane binder.  The product is mixed on site and trowled by hand onto an existing sub-base or existing surface.


Where can this surface be used?


This innovative surface can be installed in any area that needs a permanent, skid resistant, resilient surface.  While withstanding most temperature changes effecting ground movement.  It can be easily troweled around railings, support beams or benches.  This is used in both, residential and commercial pool/spa decks, patios, walkways.  The possibilities are endless!


What color options does it come in?


We have 24 colors available with many blending colors to choose from.  If you don't see something that appeals to you we can custom color mix to compliment your surroundings.


What surface base does it cover and how thick will it be?


It can be installed on most solid substrates such as concrete, bricks,asphalt or wood.  This surface is an excellent alternative to replacing cracked, uneven concrete.  This will be hand-troweled down to a 1/2" nominal thickness.  In certain applications extra cushion can be added if desired.


How soon can i walk on this surface and is it slippery or hard on bare feet?


Depending on temperature and humidity this should be ready for foot traffic after  24-72 hours of drying time, also known as curing period.  However, we recommend  3-4 days curing before heavy objects are placed on the surface. This surface has natural drainage allowing water to pass through and is a skid resistant surface "even when wet".


Will the color of the surface fade or change?


All colors when used in an exterior environment will fade under the sun's ultraviolet rays. The colored rubber granules have good UV stability and light fading will happen over time.


Will the water puddle on its surface from the rain, hosing or pool water?


The water filters through the rubber surface to the sub-base and whatever direction that it is sloped, the water will drain in that direction.


How do I clean it?


Outdoor applications you can use a leaf blower or spray with a garden hose.  In some cases you can use a mild soap and water applied with a soft brush, or pressure washing.


What happens if it needs repair?


This surface is very resilient, providing you with a surface that has strength and durability.  However if it does become damaged: Cutting out the damaged area and re-applying the rubber and binder mixture will make repairs to your surface easy.


Examples on where rubber can be applied


  • Decks                                        


  • Pool Surrounds


  • Patios


  • Walkways


  • Driveways                         


  • Home Gyms


  • Play Areas


  • Porches


  • Day Care Centers