Stamped Overlay



STARDUST Stoneedge vertical and horizontal overlays are great for re-facing Fire Place Walls, Foundations, House Facades, Block Walls, Retaining Walls and More. Our overlay cements can be applied to most surfaces including Wood, Plywood, linoleum, vinyl goods, Drywall, Sheetrock, Brick, Metal, Stucco, Foam Board, Tile, Counter tops, Painted and Glue Residue and much much More.

This unique overlay system gives you the look of REAL STONE it can be stamped textured and hand crafted to look like or duplicate natural stone and more.



STARDUST Stoneedge systems have a proven track record of durability and success. Not only have chemists rigorously tested them in controlled testing environments, they have also withstood real world use in a myriad of construction projects for over twenty-five years. Whether in freezing temperatures or sweltering heat, our overlay systems outperform any other system on the market, and look fantastic at the same time. Unlike most concrete surfaces our Stoneedge surfaces are breathable and don't allow water to penetrate into your home also it is bug resistant.


Satisfied Customers

STARDUST Stoneedge overlay systems & concrete stamping have been installed in many mega-stores, apartment complexes, condominiums, houses, schools and other enterprises. From our large customers like Wal-Mart to a small residential installation, Stoneedge creates great results and happy customers.



Our systems are priced reasonably so our customers will be able to afford projects both large and small. Elegance and durability are our highest priority in our products. While the price depends on a number of factors, such as the condition of the original substrate, whether it is vertical or horizontal overlay and the overlay pattern typically the installed cost is less than individual manufactured stone products.

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